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Public Sector

The Return on Disabilityg Design Process

With The Return on Disabilityg Design Process, the public sector can access the same proven approach that private sector firms use. Focused on PWD as clients and talent, while delivering value for taxpayers.

Simplicity in service delivery. Innovative interfaces to the client. Finding great talent. Streamlined business processes. Focus on the taxpayer. These are just a few of the metrics that are addressed in the Return on Disability approach.

The Return on Disability Government Report helps managers of Public Sector Business Units understand their performance across disability factors that are linked directly to value creation. These reports — combined with ongoing advisory time with subject matter experts — provides a framework and  rigorous  data to governments to transform intent into an opportunity to hire great people, serve constituents better and drive efficiency for taypayers.

Step 1 - Start with Policy Review

Governments around the world are struggling to generate results from regulation and non-profit funding. Our experienced team guides policy makers and thier staff to shift focus to a behavioral economics approach that incents players in the economy to unlock the economic potential of people with disabilities. 

Step 1b - Continue with Independent Observations

Your learning journey begins with specific insights about your company and competition. Our analysts have collected over 318,000 data points on 1,500+ public companies, observing the in-market activity to serve and attract people with disabilities. Using independent data gathering methods such as “secret shopper” and applying for jobs, we test what is really impacting prospective employees and customers relative to disability. We do not use "self surveys". Each engagement begins with our team sharing your company’s observations, identifying gaps, and sharing our recommendations on the best path forward to maximize shareholder value.  This 40+ page Report sets the goals for the action that follows.

Step 2a - Talent-facing Design and Execution

As firms struggle to hire people with disabilities, public sector entities must be an exemplar. Success boils down to one thing – be attractive to the right talent.

Our philosophy is simple: outsourcing talent acquisition and employee engagement to charities and government agencies is not effective because they do not represent or understand the vast majority of talent with disabilities. Public sector business units must build the capacity in house to “fish in the right talent pools” and be attractive to the best candidates that happen to carry the identity of disability. Organizational muscle must be built in employer branding, talent sourcing, recruiting, and effectively engaging current employees so that they bring their best to work – every day.

Return on Disability delivers:

• PWD Recruitment and Engagement Brand
• Campus Talent Outreach and Recruiting Platform
• Lateral Talent Outreach and Recruiting Platform
• PWD Employee Engagement Platform
• Public Outreach and Partnership Platform
• Metrics Capture and Analytics

Step 2b - Citizen-facing Design and Execution

While most of the talk in disability markets is focused on Talent, the bigger opportunity is in attracting and delighting Citizens in disability markets to grow revenue and cut spending. Touching 73% of Citizens (voters), disability is the second largest global market behind women. Aside from sheer size, insights from disability use cases are proven to delight core users and have material impact on public finances. Your Citizens are demanding a better experience – strive for delight.

Return on Disability delivers:

• PWD Focus Groups to gather Lead User Insights
• Product Design models for Breakthrough Innovation
• Packaging Design models that make products easier to open
• Experience Design that delights and maximizes taxpayer value
• Message Design and Production that connects to government brands
• Process Development and Implementation