Insights Gathering

We are the leading firm in gathering user insights from PWD to unlock the potential of the disability market.

Collecting Lead User Feedback

In contrast to the traditional market research techniques that collect information from the users at the center of the target market, the Lead User method takes a different approach, collecting information about both needs and solutions from the leading edges of the target market and from analogue markets, markets facing similar problems in a more extreme form. PWD are these exact users: frequently using products and services in more extreme forms than others.

The methodology is based upon the idea that breakthroughs may be developed by identifying leading trends in how People with Disabilities consume products and interact with environments. Once a ‘pain-point’ is identified, RoDG translates both the functional requirement unique to PWD and their broader applications to the core market.

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Quantifying Results

Once Lead Users have been engaged to uncover “wow” moments and pain points, RoDG leverages it’s panel of over 1000 PWD to quantify pain points and positive experiences to identify areas in which clients can maximize the return on their investments while simultaneously making their products or services more accessible – thus reducing regulatory risk.

RoDG also leverages its PWD panel to provide its partners privileged access to new research on the disability market that carries customer and employee profiles – research that can be combined with proprietary studies to capture new demands in this emergent marketplace.

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Real Data from Real Users

By collecting and quantifying insights from real users, RoDG leverages disability to drive a return on investment.

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Functional Recruitment

Lead users are recruited across disability “types” to ensure a wide range of functional requirements.

Ensure Standard Process

Users go through experiences as they would normally do so – in the same way as all customers, relative to functionality.

Map Experiences

RoDG maps PWD journeys, identifying “wow” moments and pain points that are often overlooked by “typical” users.

Insights tied to Revenue

RoDG’s expert analysts collect insights from lead users – with a focus on those that can further delight all customers.

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Quantify Findings

Create a custom survey to scale lead user insights, using RoDG’s panel of over 1000 PWD.

Action Items

Research-driven recommendations for immediate action, tied to key revenue drivers and KPI.

Insights Customized to your Business

Our research is fully customized to client needs. We recruit based on the functional needs of each project, and partner with our clients to get a deep understanding of their customer’s journey.

Over this journey we overlay insights derived from disability. Accessibility is not the goal. The goal is delighting all customers and driving revenue. Through doing so, our clients create sustainable, delightful, accessible, customer experiences.

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Your Customer Journey

All research is designed in collaboration with client teams. We ensure all research matches your business priorities. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Revenue Focused

Research and insights are designed to drive business revenue, not simply satisfying regulators. By delighting customers with disabilities, firms both meet demand and reduce regulatory risk.

Access to Expertise

We are the leading firm in driving value from disability. Our experts consult with thousands of PWD users every year – real users, not advocates, across industries. We bring this experience to you, on demand.