Reframe Disability as a Market

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Selected Topics

In 5 years, the world will recognize that disability is the largest global emerging market. Bigger than China. Bigger than India. Something this big is hard to keep quiet. In the past, we have said that the 1.85 billion people with disabilities are the quietest 1.85 billion people you will ever hear. This has changed.

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The Disability Market: An Introduction

Would it surprise you to learn that the largest economic opportunity facing the world today is disability? In this talk, we make the case that disability directly touches 73% of global consumers and taxpayers – and transforms efforts of charity into the world’s largest emerging market. We illustrate what the opportunity is, why it exists and how our economic institutions can evolve to capture it to improve their bottom lines while improving the lives of billions of people around the world.

Build a better experience from disability

What if companies understood “diversity” as different components of demand that they do not capture? In this talk, we make the case that experience designers need new models to set future behavior – we have developed models for disability that can be applied to any market. We show how measuring demand of overlooked users leads to better designs than traditional design research alone.

The investment logic behind social impact

What if social impact could both add to global GDP growth and boost returns for investors like pension and sovereign wealth funds? In this talk, we make the case that it is large institutional investors that drive social change – but they need metrics that prove returns first. We show how ‘nice’ isn’t enough, and reveal why investors need to look at a company’s ‘touch points’ with its customers and talent to drive outperformance.

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Government policy in disability

In this talk we unpack the basics of government regulation globally and the unintended behaviors these policies create in regulated entities. We explore a shift from a prescriptive standards focus to a process-driven mandate to focus on the experiences of citizens with disabilities.

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