Employee Experience Design

It is likely that at least 25% of your employees have a disability. Unleashing their potential is key to driving increased productivity and engagement.

Promoting Productivity

Up to 30% of your employees manages a disability of their own. These individuals consistently tell us they work harder than their peers to achieve the same results. The reason for this is not their disability per se, but that they navigate workplace experiences that are not optimized for their use.

By better aligning workplace experiences with functional needs, organizations can dramatically improve workplace productivity. Crucially, the experience of PWD can be leveraged to improve working process for all employees.

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Understanding your Workforce

External studies consistently indicate that between 20-30% of most workforces currently have a disability. Yet, internal data captures frequently come far short of this. The reason for this discrepancy is simple: even if PWD are willing to discuss their disability, they rarely wish to do so with their employer.

RoDG analysts are experts in collecting robust information on your workplace. This includes the number of PWD at your organization, their experiences, and their demands, These demands are simple: the tools to maximize their career at your organization. We help you meet this demand.

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Maximize the Potential of your Workforce

PWD are likely to make up at least 25% of your workforce – they just aren’t telling you. Maximizing these employees’ experience creates outsized productivity gains.

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Create Reliable Data

As a trusted third-party, our experts frequently collect rates of disclosure at a far higher rate than is internally generated.

Understand Experience

Through qualitative and quantitative methods, benchmark the experience of PWD with their peers, identifying gaps.

Map Productivity Barriers

Drawing on the experiences of PWD, identify barriers to productivity – for all employees.

Design Solutions

Working across organizations, identify high-impact solutions to maximize productivity – and increase accessibility.

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Improve Accommodations

Work with clients to ensure those that would benefit from workplace adjustments receive them efficiently.

Repeatable Metrics

Provide repeatable data capture processes to track progress and ensure accountability.

Maximize Employee Engagement

We help our clients leverage the experience of employees with disabilities to improve not just their engagement and productivity, but that of the entire workforce.

In doing so, we move past discussions of disclosure, and help clients embed ease of use across their internal business operations.

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Robust Data Capture

Leveraging mixed-methods, RoDG analysts create robust, repeatable data collection frameworks for your workplace.

Identify Productivity Barriers

Through consultations with your workforce, identify areas to maximize employee engagement and productivity at minimal cost.

Design Sustainable Solutions

Working across functional teams, RoDG analysts establish robust solutions and governance strategies to ensure success.