Retail Channel Preferences of People with Disabilities


Preferences for Digital Experience

A significant shift in retail, amplified by the Covid-19 Pandemic, is that towards online retail, grocery, and banking experiences. The reasons for this are relatively straightforward:  not only can some digital retailers offer more competitive pricing due reduced real estate footprints, they also allow consumers to shop from the comfort of their home, often receiving ordered items in a short period of time. From both a cost and time perspective, digital retail offers significant benefits.

For some People with Disabilities (PWD), the benefits of digital retail and banking are amplified. For those with limited mobility, digital experiences can preclude navigating large retail centres or spending time standing in lines, both of which can be uncomfortable. For those with limited vision, digital experiences can allow for the easier identification of products and prices – provided websites and apps are formatted properly. For those with cognitive disabilities, digital spaces can eliminate the need to directly interact with others, provide simple navigation via search bars, and allow for one to approach a retail experience in smaller chunks. Finally, for those without drivers licenses or access to transit, the time saved in digital experiences is enormous.

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