Macro/Market Study

Annual Report 2020


With an estimated population of 1.85 billion, people with disabilities (PWD) are an emerging market larger than China. Their Friends and Family add another 3.3 billion potential consumers who act on their emotional connection to PWD. Together, disability touches 73% of consumers and controls over $13 trillion in annual disposable income.

Disability is amplified human functionality. How people experience products and services is materially affected by the way they interact with people and objects. These functional realities and interactions change with situation, age, technology and macro trends. The experiences of people with disabilities inform core design and process for outsized returns. Enterprises seeking new ways to create value for stakeholders have a strong interest in attracting the spending of this increasingly powerful cohort. Companies and brands seeking to maximize returns in a market rewarding innovation have placed disability at the core of consumer insights and design.

This paper is designed to give the reader an overview of disability as a market and set some contextual observation to begin a more concrete dialogue.