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Equity Tracking Indices

The RoD US 100 and RoD Canada 50 are Tracking Indices that include the top large public companies in the US and Canada. These equity indices track the performance of companies that 'do disability well' while following an approach to grow shareholder value.

Calculated daily and broadcast via third party financial intermediaries worldwide, these indices include the best performers on the Return on Disability Model. The Return on Disability Model a proprietary methodology which takes into account more than 300 business drivers—across customer, employee and productivity criteria. The model distills down to 30 publicly observable data points, which are uniquely weighted for a given sector or company.

Return on Disability equity indices provide a basis for investors to satisfy Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) investment mandates while maintaining focus on shareholder value.

RoD US 100 Index on Bloomberg -

ROD US 100 - Constituents.xls
RoD US 100 Tracking Index Methodology.pdf

Rod Canada 50 Index on Bloomberg -

ROD Canada 50 - Constituents.xls
 RoD Canada 50 Tracking Index Methodology.pdf