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The Return on Disability Group produces various equity indices containing the best performers in disability for global stock investors. These equity indices are updated and published daily by independent financial institutions. They provide a basis for investors to satisfy Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) investment mandates while maintaining focus on shareholder value.

Why does this work? Companies that 'do disability well' are also generally responsive to their customers, focused on finding great people, understand efficient process and outperform their competition in terms of value creation. Disability  inspires lean process, innovation via extreme users and is a proven pool of talent – enhancing productivity. Over four research cycles generating over 130,000 data points, we have shown that companies that generate results on the Return on Disability model deliver increased shareholder value as measured by stock price gains.

Return on Disability US LargeCap ETN Total Return USD Index

The Return on Disability US LargeCap ETN Total Return USD Index represents the top 100 large public companies n the United States. This equity index recognizes companies that are outperforming in the disability market and is investable through our global financial institution partners.

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Equity Tracking Indices

The RoD US 100 and RoD Canada 50 are Tracking Indices that include the top large public companies in the US and Canada. These equity indices track the performance of companies that 'do disability well' while following an approach to grow shareholder value.

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