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About Us


For Our Customers

Strategic Advice - We deliver a customized plan to attract people with disabilities to companies. We stay with our customers to help them act on their plan.

Product and Experience Development - We help companies adjust their products, Customer Experience and recruiting process.

Investments - Delivering outperformance by identifying public companies that profit by serving people with disabilities.  

Our Vision


5 Year Vision

Establish disability as the #1 global emerging market.

We define “disability” as:

  • People with Disabilities (PWD)

  • Friends and Family of PWD

  • Broader Marketplace impacted by similar use cases of PWD

40 Year Vision

The Return on Disability Group is the firm that unlocks the economic potential of disability globally and creates catalysts and processes for our Customers to act on this market.


Our Mission


To build the resources that instigate change through new and different actions for Customers globally.

The Return on Disability Group provides data, strategy, process, and new offers that allow companies, governments and investors to act on disability in ways that add value to many types of shareholders.